While JDPE is committed to providing a safe workplace, we must never forget that it is the people who make the processes work.  As part of an effective loss control program, our site superintendents:

ØSet program standards for observing employee safety practices
ØCommunicate program standards for observing employee practices to each supervisor
ØCommunicate program safety standards to workers
ØMonitor performances of workers’ safety practices.

No phase of J.D. Parrella Electric’s operations is of greater importance than accident prevention.  All of us are aware of and vigorously pursue project safety goals.  We also ensure that safety factors have been properly planned for in each work task.  Our interests are vocal, visible and continuous so that all employees will know there is only one acceptable way to do the job - the safe way.

Serving Industry and the
It is the policy of J.D. Parrella Electric, Inc. to strive for the safest possible performance on each of our job sites.  Our safety and loss control guidelines represent a wealth of practical experience tested in the safety-conscious environment of many successful projects.  Safety is critical to JDPE’s operation.  We believe that accidents are preventable, and that it is up to each of us to ensure that we practice safety as a routine part of daily work.  For that reason, it is a condition of employment by JDPE that each employee is required to understand and abide by our procedures.  J.D. Parrella Electric is committed to maintaining safe and healthful workplaces and to protecting the public against any potential hazards caused by our operation. 
JDPE is committed to providing the safest possible worksite for our field employees, and supports the goals and purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.  The OSHA Construction Industry Standards (29 CDR 1926) are considered the minimum safety requirements for this Company; therefore, Company field safety and health procedures do not merely meet the standards, but exceed those standards whenever necessary to prevent accidents and injuries.
It is JDPE’s policy to mitigate the adverse impact on the local environment of the Company’s construction activities at a project site.  The Company complies with all applicable provisions of federal, state, and local environmental/pollution control standards, unless the provisions contained in the client’s contractual requirements are more stringent.  In such a case, the client’s standards apply.
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